Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Too many portals - poll results say no more than five please

The results of the Property Owl poll clearly show that 50+ portals are too many. Our poll shows that 41% would be happy with between 1 - 5 portals and 37% would prefer just 1. So a total of 78% voted for either 1 or between 1-5 portals.

The minority plumped for 10+ which says to me that we do indeed have too many. Whilst we didn't have thousands of votes, I do feel it is common ground that the magic number is somewhere between 1 and 5.

I will still mix it up and ask, do we really need more than one portal for the purpose of searching for property and there is a healthy debate ongoing at JRA on this very issue. Whilst one individual portal will of course never happen, I do believe there is strong argument to have less.

Anyway, our readers say 1-5 portals please.


Buffers said...

Maybe we do need less portals, I personally don't think the amount of portals there are available is the real issue, but the quality of the portals. Due to technical hitches, server and feed problems, they'll sometimes be really old properties advertised, only one picture allowed to display and mismatched postcode grouping.

I'd love it if I didn't have to do check up's to make sure my properties are all listed and looking good.

That said, it's not all portals that I experience problems. I think the new runners www.globrox.co.uk and www.zoomf.co.uk are really great websites and are the way forward.

Anonymous said...

Property portals will continue to rise in number for sure, irrelevant of what the end consumer or practicality would desire.

Whether a large number remain will as normal depend on the quality and be results driven.