Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Yelp for the UK

Property Portal Watch posts on the launch of Yelp in the UK.

Yes, it is another site to enter details, update a profile, analyse and consider in your marketing mix, but this is where your customers live so embrace. There is real opportunity here to write about your local neighbourhood. We have said in the past, be an expert on your local area and here is an opportunity to shine.

There are a few possible routes in here. One, commenting upon your local area, two, allowing customers to review your business/service and three recommending other associated parties, but be honest.

The basic premise about Yelp is that people are honest. So if your service is great people will say so or if your agent kept pestering a female customer to go out with him, his penis and your firm will be mentioned accordingly! Well done Davis and Gibbs.

Continuing the theme, have a look at Nob Hill (honest) in California to see how the Americans interact with this site at agent level.

Anyway, keep it in your trousers chaps and put the effort into your online marketing.

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