Thursday, 15 January 2009

Estate Agent babe of the month

Soldout magazine is running a 'babe of the month' competition for female estate agents.

Demeaning cheap shot that doesn't show the industry in a good light or just harmless fun? Is this just Loaded for estate agents or much needed entertainment? Should there be a hunk of the month as well? The prize is £500 so we shall see.

Debate aside, sex and titillation obviously still sells. One of my most hit blog posts is Louisa Fletcher naked (she is not and it was posted to explain this very point), it is also now second in a google search for Louisa Fletcher. To this end, I am sure Soldout will do very well out of the competition. Indeed, here I am writing about it!

Anyway, it was called bird of the month, but they changed it after we sent in some saucy pictures of the Owl :)

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Anonymous said...

I think this is great. Sex sells everything else so why not property too!