Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A UK community for property agents, industry professionals and commentators alike

My recent trip at the expo confirmed to me what I believe we all have long realised, agents, industry professionals and commentators all need to communicate more.

Active Rain is a perfect example of how all sectors of the industry communicate together in the USA and I have long bemoaned the fact there isn't anything like it in the UK.

Well, there is now! We have set up the UK equivalent of Active Rain, which we have fondly labelled Juicy Red Apple and can be found at www.juicyredapple.org.

There is of course more information at the site, but it is very much a starting point for us all to develop, form groups, communicate with leading thinkers and generally improve.

It is built on a platform called Ning, which allows easy set up and has a few more features and functionality than wordpress and others. Anyway, early days (very much Delta than Beta) but someone needed to kick start this area and we hope you will build a profile and start communicating and spread the word.

I would point out that this is not a forum in which to self promote or abuse others, but a place for constructive debate, sharing of ideas and general brainstorming and perhaps some gossip :) We will monitor as best we can.

By the way, we are not running this for profit. Yes, there are google ads, but Ning charges a few dollars per month and we hope the ads will be enough to cover the hosting charges. As traffic grows, we will reduce the number of ads so we only ever need enough to cover the hosting charges.

Go forth and communicate!