Monday, 27 October 2008

1000watt Consulting and RealTrends release "Top Ten Real Estate Brokerage Websites in America" Report

It is no secret that I rate the guys at 1000watt and therefore I would implore you to read the recent report entitled, the top ten real estate websites in America.

'A desert of lost opportunity' states the report and no more so is there a mass of opportunity than in the current UK market. It is equally no secret the UK market is behind the USA so to learn from these guys at this stage of the market is an additional opportunity that should be grasped without further ado.

The following is a brief summary of what they call their 'top takeaways'and hopefully a small enticement to delve further into the report:

- Call things what they are. A map is a 'Map'. Don't be creative and the bottom line is don't confuse the user.

- White space is your friend. Don’t overcrowd your pages.

- Give users what we know they want. We should all read this and understand what our users want.

- Don’t use widgets that you can support. Live support was quoted as a good example. Just do the simple things and do them well.

- Expunge the word template from your vocabulary. We are guilty of this and almost all of our template sites turn into unique bespoke designs.

(my emphasis in bold)

There is then a one page summary on each of the top ten websites and these are imperative reading.

A great report and resource tool for us all.

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