Thursday, 30 October 2008

Continuing SEO tips for estate agents

Search Engine Land recently posted 7 tips for B2B SEO in times of recession and we think they are worthy of summarising for all.

Understand the changing landscape

Understand the long tail, are you speaking to it. Look at the changes and see what is more suited to these changes, think Lettings. Thus keywords change, content changes, search terms change. The long tail will have changed (understand what the long tail means - read earlier posts and google it).

Tweak existing content

This is a constant and something we are all guilty of ignoring. Your content should mirror what interests the market. For us, we should ditch HIP content and concentrate more on SEO/SEM advice.

Beef up relevant content

Add more pages, content is King. What is in demand, lettings maybe, add more pages about issues surrounding letting. Use case studies, examine your local market and produce a report for all, you are in a unique position to advise other businesses as well as the consumer.

Manage your landing pages

Where does your user go. User journey is important. Analyse your traffic, measure your stats, immerse yourself in the analytics and understand what users are doing when they come to your site.

Become an expert

Build that blog, produce that report, enhance your perceived expertise.

Build your links

Quality links drive traffic and enhance the perceived credibility of your site, both in terms of prospects’ perceptions and in terms of search engines’ perceptions. See the full report for advice on building links in a recession (although b2b there is much common ground).


Property Owl said...

Ok, 6 tips, but who is counting :)

Anonymous said...

all tips are nice the last tip is important because it emphasis on link building which is good process to develop your trust among the clients.

Unknown said...

iam the first one whome counting have any one come to me and challlenge me.