Thursday, 24 January 2008

Property industry a buzz with Roost

Roost is another search in the property market, but over in the USA.

One of my favourite blogs the future of real estate marketing says that Roost is amazingly quick. Unfortunately, it was very slow for us (perhaps due to all the hits following the blog entry) and I was confronted with a terms and conditions check box in the middle of the screen as a pop up! What’s all that about - lawyers and (real)estate agents, why do they get a bad press I wonder?!

I guess saying it is super fast was the kiss of death and it does have some good features and we also like the whole bird theme going on,namely, Roost, Nestoria, Property Owl.

We are following suit with much of what we are creating and we hope that when we launch (a) we get such favourably reports, and (b) our site doesn’t grind to a halt.

Good luck to Roost!

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