Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Owl Elevator Pitch

Ubertor has an interesting post regarding 60 second elevator pitches without using screenshots or demos. This interested me for a number of reasons, but mainly because I have been working on a demo for our product and I was getting a little bored. I have seen hundreds of product demos for all sorts of management systems and they all tend to do the same thing, the cursor moves around the screen, more screenshots and a voiceover with perhaps some amusing story tellers. Frankly, many are a little dull and not that useful.

I like the idea of a 60 second pitch with no demos. Videos from the heart without editing allow a user to understand the person who made the product and thus their product. There will of course be those that say it is a terrible idea and you should always show your product and they may be right for some industries, but management systems/software for estate agents all look very similar, even the fantastic ones like our system !!

Anyway, I have either found the perfect demo or the above is really just a stop gap excuse for not having finished our demo. I am not sure the product demo, roving cursor movement is dead, but I do see worth in the 60 second pitch with perhaps each complimenting one another. Indeed, 60 seconds on a site with 7 million traffic per month is good work, so well done to Ubertor.

To this end, I am now working on the Owl elevator pitch.

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