Tuesday, 22 January 2008

It is all about location!

Quiet cul-de-sac, next to the river, surrounded by good restaurants. Yes, our local urban fox has found the perfect den/lair or whatever it is called.

She wanders past our office at all times of the day, looks both ways before crossing the road (I kid you not!) and then strolls to the first of the few restaurants where she dines. Indeed, you don’t see her at night and if you are walking along the pavement she will just stroll by you as if she were another suited office worker.

Our fox is a 'she' as we have named her after a lady (I can't say who) but I am sure some keen fox observer will inform us whether our fox is a boy or girl.

Whilst bold on her feet, she is still a little camera shy and this was the best picture we have managed.

Someone asked after I took a snap of our confident friend, why are foxes tolerated and rats not? Surely they both behave in similar fashions?! Who knows (who cares), but I for one look forward to the day when chavs and Sloane rangers (who are basically the same people) accessorise foxes with studded collars and shaven midrifts and parade them down the high street.

Much has been written about the urban fox and if you are interested in some faqs have a look at the wildlife trust

Anyway, enough rambling. This post only appears as we have been trying to take a picture of her for weeks and owls are not as popular.


Property Fox (formerly Property Owl)

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