Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tepilo - Sarah Beeny new project

'Tepilo is a brand new service, created by Sarah Beeny, that will change the way you think about buying and selling your home' or so they say!

It is all cloak and dagger and strictly need to know at the moment and the Owl doesn't need to know apparently. Anyway, I love the fact Sarah is onto another project and you will know I am a strong advocate of online entrepreneurialship. Let's just hope it is easier on the mind than the last project, Completing Chains. I wish them luck when they finally reveal the secret.

Taken from a JRA post, Hablib is also another site with a holding page that claims to change the world, well at least change the property market. Heard it all before, but this project is headed by Anton Kreil from the TV series Million Dollar Traders. Anton's blog goes on to say that this will be a site for private sellers with an element of social networking, which sounds like a great idea in principle. Indeed, they are looking for volunteers to test and are paying individuals £25 so have a look at his blog.

The holding page states'Hablib is a free residential property platform empowering users to take control of their own destiny when profiling, selling or buying their home.' Now there lies an immediate problem, the word 'free'. How are they going to make money?! Advertising alone for a newbie in the over populated world of online property sites will not even pay for their hosting. Whilst the social networking element is a nice twist, the private seller market is too small to target to a niche within that market.

Why do we all think we can 'change the face of the industry, change the world, revolutionise' etc? Do users/the industry really want/need this? No. Users need simplicity - one site that does everything very simply. I fear we are muddying the waters in the UK online property game and hopefully someone will come along and just 'revolutionise the world...' oh God here we go again!

Help Sarah - where are you???

PS. I have just read Housingdabble new posts (as the above was sparked from their post on JRA and they share my views in my penultimate paragraph above, which I wrote before reading his blog. Just wanted to point out that great minds think alike and I was not copying his thoughts!!)

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