Thursday, 28 May 2009 - moving house

I have always loved the idea of the type site, but never had an opportunity to use it so when a friend asked whether I could help in this department I jumped at the chance.

The site proclaims to allow one to '...inform over 1500 organisations that you are moving home online for free with [their] change of address service...' It lends one to believe that you simply enter your details click on the provider and they do it all for you.

What a great idea! I drew up a list with my friend and then began to enter the details into iammoving. As she is moving to a new property we first had to overcome the hurdle of the address not being updated within the website. One email later we were reassured by the team at iammoving that we should just put the postcode in and it would be fine!

Ok, moving on through the process the first two on our list went without a hitch, we just clicked on Boots and a message said just click send, we did, another message saying all done, absolutely brilliant!

Then reality dawned. The first official site, Council Tax, the message said 'download, print and send'. Oh great, now I have to print off a form and post it!! This happened for 50% of organisations.

Whilst disappointed, we were happy that at least we had achieved around a 50% success rate. That said, the following day she received a number of emails confirming details sent and also a few asking for more details, confirmation by way of a form etc etc.

What should have been a simple task has now been complicated by a middle man she is stuck with. Sadly, the telephone would have been far quicker!!

All I can say is what a shame and also bad marks for misleading people.

Moving is stressful enough!

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