Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Zoopla - And so it begins

Zoopla have announced the acceptance of property listings on a pay per lead basis. An interview with the founder Alex Chesterman on Property Portal Watch doesn't say much more about the offering, but what is worthy to note is the general game plan.

Property Index are of course already in the cost per lead space and have started to build a good following, have a good sales structure and are out there approaching agents. Zoopla appear to acknowledge this and do not see them as competitors per se. Indeed, it is my impression from the interview that Alex is saying teh entire industry will go pay per lead and it will be them and Property Index who are the ones leading it (well he says Zoopla will be leading it, but he would wouldn't he).

It is a good point and one worth considering. If they are correct and the entire industry heads this way, Rightmove et al will eventually be forced to follow suit. The question one is bound to ask is whether these new portals will have gained enough market share when (if) the big guns switch model.


Anonymous said...

I think this has been coming for a long time to be honest, specially considering how much there is a focus online at the moment with geographical targeting and similar marketing techniques.

Hawkeye said...

It's all in the timing.

It will e interesting to see how all this plays out.

Nice posts by the way, Ive enjoyed reading. Thanks.