Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Every picture tells a story - Property Live

There is an ongoing debate on JRA about Property Live. One issue being discussed is the images they have chosen. The images of agents they are using on the home page and throughout the site have universally been labelled as stock photographs. But now it would appear that these photographs are of real agents. Have a look at this debate for an example of how a person can look different and the image it projects using different photographs (scroll to the bottom of the debate).

For over a year I have moaned about agents taking good quality pictures and here is the 'agents' portal (for want of a better phrase) displaying images you wouldn't put in your passport. What message does this send?!

With reference to good quality property pictures, have a look at this agent's pictures of a property and notice the corresponding email from a prospective punter. Although only a few pictures, they are very good quality and they work. It is not rocket science!

The email from punter:

Message: I have fallen in love with this property and would love to see it!

When is it available?

Many thanks

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Property Owl said...

The power of blogging and JRA. PropertyLive have changed their home page to display the images in a different format. Someone is listening :)