Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Video for estate agents and all in the industry

Video is the hot topic of 2009 and I suspect it will continue with more applications and uses created over the next year.

Well, video is the hot topic in the States, but it is starting to catch on a little over here. We have just given away a Flip video camera over at JRA and anticipate more and more agents and industry professionals uploading video, whether that be of property for sale or rent or just information.

To this end, we thought why not set up a site just for video. So we have! Go and have a look at Property Owl Tube.

We hope this is the beginnings of a property market place via online video. Simplifying the search for property through video.

Property Owl Tube is a platform where agents can upload videos of property for sale or to rent, their local area, businesses in the area, property video news, industry videos, service providers.

The benefits as I see them:

• It is free
• You can monitor traffic (number of views are displayed)
• You can link to your website
• You can advertise your business
• You can upload as many properties as you like
• The search works better than some portals and is simple.
• You can communicate with customers and colleagues alike
• Each video is a page and therefore indexed by google
• There is much more to come

Anyway, love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Too soon? Never take on in UK? Great idea? Yes, I will upload some videos? Oh god not another site, we are just getting used to JRA :)


Anonymous said...

Yes we all know Video is the hot topic , But how it is going to effect property industry ?

I dont think that will going to work for estate agents near future,

Time and cost ? if you check most of estate agents websites have 2-3 photos per property ,because they hair professional photographers.
Agents cant upload Vidoes low quality videos, thats discurrage buyrs.

so i dont think it will going to work for agents very soon.

Property Owl said...

Thanks for the comments, but it costs £70 for a Flip camera which will create a very good quality video. Watch this space for some examples. The video doesn't have to be just about the property, why not video your local restaurants and write about them, anything that will push you up the search rankings.

With reference to photos, agents should be taking at least one photo per room and uploading them all. Yes, quality is an issue, but it is not rocket science to take a decent picture that will live online.

Consider this. You video each property you have for sale/to rent, (your agents have the time) you video something else about the area. You upload all this to your site and to anywhere else that will house content. You have just uploaded 20 odd pages (for argument sake) all about your area, all linking to your site, all with keywords and rich content which speaks volumes about your business and could just win you an instruction or two.

Anonymous said...

Its the future. I'll be adding a few things myself and will let you know how we find it.