Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Twitter for estate agents - everyone is talking about it

Twit this, twit twoo, Twitter is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Actually, you either love it or you don't really get it. Well, I like marmite!

Anyway, everyone is talking about it, saying it is the next google, a social network for the entire planet and will take over the world etc.

So, whether you are new to the game or a high tech want to have it all on your page type how does the average estate agent benefit from Twitter. The simple answer is sign up and play. Great agents already using twitter - have a look at Isle of Wight homes.

Also have a look at an experiment on econsultancy which makes for good reading. By integrating a twitter feed based on keyword searches you can personalise your website for local content - I see this having value.

Econsultancy will be releasing their widget for download soon so I will probably try it out in a few places and report back.

Anyway, we like to think we were ahead of the game when we adopted the 'twit twoo' for Property Owl.


Anonymous said...

I've tryed twitter twice now and still dont really get it. I dont know how it will help me with my business. Maybe I'm getting old and this is an example of technology passing me by....

Anonymous said...

The main thing about twitter is that it relies on you building up your reputation as an authoritative voice in your niche.

Twittering about random stuff you're doing throughout the day ie; "having a cup of tea now then going to sleep" won't have any impact.

But being the first to tweet a link to some breaking news within the Property market, which gets re tweeted throughout the community, can have phenomenal effects. A few sites have been crashed due to the sheer traffic twitter generated them when mentioned by the likes of Stephen Fry.

Twitter is about community interaction and 'soft sales' and can be very useful if used in the correct way.

Property Owl said...

Thanks Connor. So a bit like Digg really, but more interactive, quicker, etc. To this end, do we all still use Digg? I must admit I used to, but don't much anymore. Is this the way of Twitter, another passing fad? How long before Mr Fry gets bored with it (and lets face it, he doesn't write it anyway, does he???)

London Estate Agent said...

We are yet to be convinced of the value of Twitter. We have local and property followers and we get a few site visits from it.

I don't think the property industry moves fast enough for this type of thing.