Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Content for estate agent websites

I have banged on about content for years now and there are some healthy discussions ongoing on JRA.

Geekestate have been posting on the subject of content as well and here is a brief summary of my thoughts flowing from these points.

- What you want is an ever-growing body of content that is related to living in your area, and buying and selling real estate (by the way, why don't we call it real estate here, it would be much easier?!)

- Your future income from the Internet is dependent upon it.

- Write for the visitor first and search engine second

- Write relevant content

- Ask a friend to write some content

- Ask your local businesses/colleagues to write some content (see below)

- Use freelancers

- Video – get on it now! Look at Dominic James.

Think about who is out there that may want to put content on your site in exchange for some free press and links to their site.

Almost every village/town/city in the UK has a website. Normally run by one person in their spare time. They are looking for exposure, are technically adept and probably haven’t been contacted by your competitors. Be the first to network with them, tell them your ideas!

Ditto, business owners. Anyone connected with the house moving business must be top of the list. Cleaners and gardeners thrive on word of mouth and what better way to promote their services. They will write a page for you about advice on cleaning etc. Plumbers, electricians etc will all want to promote their services and will write content for you. They are local!! And will write for the visitor. It may not be Shakespeare but it will be ‘relevant’.

We forget what the local council can offer. They have announcements, meetings, promotional material, schools, services. Ask for permission to publish and chances are it is material that may not already be online.

Video. Get on it. This is the future.

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