Friday, 5 December 2008

Daily Mail group buys Metropix

Metropix is a company I have always admired so I am pleased to post that they have just let me know that EDR Landmark Group Ltd, a subsidiary of publishing company Daily Mail and General Trust, acquired the company last Friday.

Apparently it was a bidding process and Landmark won the day. No word on amount, but I am sure that will leak out in due course.

This of course puts Metropix in the same stable as Prime and Finda and one wonders whether one of the groups is looking to build the ultimate all singing all dancing package for agents and puntere alike?

Anyway, Metropix say business as usual (after a short trip to the Caribbean no doubt) and I would like to pass on my congratulations.

Bidding for the Owl blog is still open and I have only one sealed brown envelope at the moment. Not sure if it is a bid, dodgy photos and a blackmail note or a polite invitation from the tax man. Scared to open it either way!

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