Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Rightmove is wrongmove

Globrix post on an article from the Daily Mirror entitled 'Wrongmove' which may have even more agents up in arms.

Not only is Miles Shipside quoted as saying that:

"It costs an average £1 a week per property to be on our site." He goes on to compound the damage by adding:

"It's a shame that some estate agents aren't able to spend that small amount to reach the widest possible audience in these tough times."

This smacks of a politician's spin. How would Daily Mirror readers be expected to know that rightmove charge per branch, per month and not per property? Indeed, this is hardly a statement of support in times of trouble and I expect will infuriate many agents.

This also begs the question (and I will ask at the expo if I get the chance) if a per property cost is a metric put forward to defend rightmove's position, does this mean they will provide an option to agents to advertise per property at a reasonable rate??!!

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Anonymous said...

It's a terrible quote as it sounds like he regards the agents with contempt and it just confirms Rightmove's arrogance.

Unfortunately, he is also probably right.