Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Property portals everywhere

My feeds and inbox appear to have yet more announcements of new property portals. It reminds me of the words from War of the Worlds '... but still they come...'

I have lost track of who offers what and all appear to be going after the agent with gusto. Understandable as one must have content/data/property, but what about the user, how will they find these new portals? PPC can buy you traffic, but you need (a) deep pockets and (b) brand to retain the customer during the course of their house search/buying process.

If I am an agent, I am faced with a multitude of portals from which to use. This is no bad thing as i can spread my marketing around to suit their strengths, but I have to ask what stands one portal above others and how are they engaging users if they are struggling to engage me? It goes without saying that I need to have quality traffic delivered to me and lots of it so again how is a new portal going to produce such constant quality traffic from the beginning?

I need to be engaged not just sold to. A bullet list of sales points is useless to me, engage me, offer me something useful, go beyond the sales pitch 'we will send you traffic'. I know you won't be able to in the beginning so why not tell me that you will invest a proportion of my charges to PPC for keywords that match my agency/practice/portfolio. I would then be interested to hear more, but another portal with no traffic (or at least none aimed at me) does not excite me.

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly what we thought - how can we make our commercial property portal engaging both to occupier and agent. With the rise in the use of the web when looking for property making sure we use the latest web based technology seemed obvious and is what we have done.

Last week we beat Google at its own game by becoming the first UK implementation of Street Level View imagery in our property maps. Now occupiers and agents can 'walk' 1000km of central London street and see commercial property and the surrounding area as though they were there. Not only a cool tool, but also an engaging one, especially for people loooking for property in London but are currently located far away. No need for length motorway journeys when they can see all they need to on their PC!