Thursday, 2 October 2008

Malicious spammers attack Estate Agent Today

Estate Agent Today new forum posts suffered an attack from porn spammers this morning.

Our new forum threads automated email from EAT didn't contain the normal property ramblings we are used to. Instead, we were offered hard core porn as below:

EAT had been infiltrated by porn spammers and there lies a warning to us all. Forums are notoriously difficult to protect and we are constantly wrestling with accessibility issues and security. Only the other day we bemoaned some spam prevention software, but it is plainly necessary as the above shows, it just needs to be as user friendly as possible.

How you deal with the above may be a different issue of course and whether this attack was aimed at the forum or just attached to the email we don't know and it would be interesting for all to hear what the EAT say on the subject.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, at least this spam is better reading than the comments put on the news stories every day by Brightmove.

I wish those guys would give it a rest, you don't earn credibility on blog comments or forums by continuously and shamelessly plugging your company/spamming a site at every given opportunity.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against the Brightmove team and I wish them every success, but the spam comments really irk me!