Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Brighton estate agent boards - ban them?!

Is there a future for estate agent boards? Should they follow cigarettes and be banned from public places?

The Negotiator reports on Brighton & Hove City Council's idea to extend an existing ban on estate agents’ boards beyond the city’s historic areas. They are already partly banned in some parts of Brighton and Hove and a ban would mean permission would need to be sought from the council if one were desperate to erect a board.

So another government department would be created for applications and policing, but other than that would people miss them. Indeed, do agents actually need them? What would this do for the board business and the text board business, which claims to be gaining momentum?

Given near on the majority of the house searching public start the process online there is argument that boards are not required. Indeed, with mapping and mobile coming together at last and additional property information available, finding the property once searched is becoming easier.

It begs the question, would flags be banned (such as the developers use), window stickers, etc?

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