Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Estate agent lists gay couple as a selling particular

This is London posts a news item about a gay couple who were 'outed' by their estate agent.

Apparently, one of the selling particulars was the word lesbians which was listed where the reference number should have been and then uploaded to Rightmove. The intention appears to be that this property is owned by lesbians.

Not surprisingly, the owners complained to the agents who unbelievably wrote back to say they didn't see how they could have been discriminated against. What!? Outstanding customer service! Cowardly seeking shelter in an aggressive letter, the sheer arrogance is beyond belief. And we wonder why the general public don't worry about estate agents going bankrupt.

Having settled out of Court, the agent's final comment was staff will go on diversity training. Plainly, their staff need to go on a basic right and wrong course or maybe back to school to learn the basics of common decency.

There is mention that this was a joke, but whether this was a joke or a mistake does not warrant discussion, the mere fact that someone was stupid enough to actually uploaded the word is cause for concern.

The offending agents, Jackson-Stops and Staff, are well known in the area and perhaps they just wanted to be up there with Foxtons as agents the public love to hate. Impeccable timing to boot!

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