Tuesday, 29 April 2008

We are hiring

ColdFusion Developer Role

We are looking for a seasoned ColdFusion Developer to work in our fun and friendly London Battersea office. The suitable candidate will join our small team of developers and work directly from our office.

We are looking for someone who can work well within a team but also micro manage themselves. The primary role will be the advancement of backendapplications and developing front end mashups. We develop in a Windows 2003 sever environment, with ColdFusion 8, and SQL server 2005.

Additional skills (but not required)
* CF server administration
* RegEx
* ISAPI rewrite
* Javascript/jQuery
* Flash
* Flex

If you think you can do it, prove it to us. Send us an example, code, a design, an idea, something inspirational. Oh yes, and a copy of your CV so we can ask you awkward questions about your hobbies. careers@propertyowl.co.uk

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