Wednesday, 2 April 2008

SEO and Property Search

'flat to buy in London'. Two questions arise (a) would anyone actually type this into a search engine and (b) what results are produced if one does?

Well, type it in and see what comes up. Yes, Property Owl comes in at the number one spot on Yahoo for this and a number of other similar searches. After only a week, how can this happen so quickly? In truth, it is just common sense and good url structuring. We are proud of our SEO/SEM work and it is a strength we can deliver to our agents.

The sales pitch aside, the nature of property search is changing with users demanding more from search engines, portals and estate agent websites through their search terms. Applying a philosophy that will allow users to find your site through general free speech searches will do you no harm at all.

Afterall, and here is the icing on the cake, the result is super relevant and precisely what the user was looking for.

Number one in Yahoo!


Spammer said...

Good url structure helps lot for long tail keywords.But that's not mean for broad keywords.Specially in property industry url structure very very important.because we can't create back links for each keyword. i'm getting around 25% traffic from long tail keywords, because of our url structure.

i'm from hurford salvi carr leading london property advisor.

Anonymous said...

Have you got an example of one of your URLs?