Thursday, 3 April 2008

Property photographs

There are a number of things you could say about the photo below, namely:

- the agents in question have no properties to sell
- no one looks in the window so why bother putting a photo up
- the photos are behind the blinds
- all of the above

I bang on about agents taking good quality photos and taking as many pictures of a property as their hard disk will handle, complete overkill, I love it and the customer loves it! I also spout theory about the high street agency changing, how we will all live in a computer and have chip implants very soon. So the picture above just confuses me. It is not a one off, I walk past this agency everyday and it is always the same. The blinds come up sometimes to expose posh desks and apple macs, but no pictures hiding behind the blinds.

What do I think as a customer, mmmmm.... no pictures, one of the above thoughts and just maybe I will bother to go and find them on the web. Moreover, what if I am selling, why would I even consider instructing these guys. Indeed, why bother with the office?! That is one very expensive advertisement!

I did not start this post to criticise, but having been on their website I can safely say that if they spent half of what they spend in office rent on basic SEO and usability, SEM, design etc on their site, they would be top of the rankings, found at the top of page one and generating a mass of enquiries and new instructions.

See you all for your chip implants next week!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the blinds being down is having the desired effect. You're now talking about them!