Wednesday, 7 October 2009

HIPS will be History say the Tories

Grant Shapps announced at the Tory conference yesterday that he would 'consign Home Information Packs to History' if the Tories were to win the next election.

Well, Boris Johnson promised that bendy buses would be replaced and guess what, yep, they are still out there. We all know you can't really believe a word that comes from a politicians mouth, but what if, they are actually telling the truth?! Unbelievable as it sounds, (the truth that is) would this open the way to a new approach in the modernisation of the house purchasing process? Indeed, HIPs in the original form did seek to help this process, but they were watered down and everyone moaned and whined until they were left with the dishcloth of a product that exists today.

I suspect the HIPs providers will be lobbying hard to keep them in some shape or form and we will be lobbying hard to modernise the entire process so perhaps there will be a home for a better product in the future?

By the way, the Tories are 1/4 to win the next election and the bookies don't normally get this wrong, (source William Hill)


Anonymous said...

The Tories have made such a song & dance about hips they can't back down.

The EPCs will remain.

Searches will either need to be done via the vendor still, or via the applicant....

Not much left of the hip not to use, so it's just going to end up being a lightened version of the HIP.

HIP Consultant said...

Yes, Grant Shapps is not most HIP providers favourite person for sure. However, where are they proposing we go if they do scrap them?

Some interesting reading on a couple of articles we've published.

Will Home Information Packs (HIPs) be ‘scrapped’? Is a long article but looks at the pros and cons in depth.

Mike Ockenden (AHIPP) interview - the future of HIPs Quite a candid interview and gives some sensible options of whatnext for HIPs.

It looks unlikely that the Tories wont win the election, what odds they modify the HIP and rebrand it as something completely different !!!

Property Owl said...

Hi HIP Consultant.

These are good articles, thanks for sharing. Would you like to post the article on Juciy Red Apple as a blog?

HIP Consultant said...

By all means republish on Juicy Red Apple, though please keep exisiting links within it and reference original.

Juicy red apple seems to be coming along well :)