Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tepilo - agents listing on the site?

Further to my earlier mentions about Sarah Beeny's site, Tepilo, I thought I would have a quick look to see how she is getting on.

I was viewing a property in North London and wondered whether this was the work of a bona fide seller or the work of an agent. Well, what do you know, the same property with identical photos was for sale through Foxtons, appearing on their site and Rightmove and no doubt other portals.

This begs the question: are Foxtons feeding property to the site, uploading property under the seller's name, merely advising the seller that they ought to be listed on as many portals as possible and encouraging them to undertake the upload process or is this just the owner's actions? Somehow I doubt the latter point and if Foxtons are uploading under the sellers name, doesn't this fly in the face of the principle behind Tepilo. If true then it surely doesn't bode well for Foxtons, but maybe it is all a ploy and they are only advertising their hooker stock!

If it is the owner thinking they can possible get away with the commission they would be wise to check their Foxtons' terms and conditions.


Tony said...

It could just be the vendor uploading details to Tepilo. They may as well do that as it's free even if they are with an estate agent: OK they would end up paying the commission, but who cares if it means the property gets sold faster?

I wouldn't say this didn't bode well for Foxtons if they are doing it, either - seems sensible to me to get as much exposure as possible, and with a celebrity face behind it there will be plenty of people visiting the site.

If Tepilo is genuinely free then it's madness not to take advantage of whatever you can get!

Anonymous said...

It's easy to see show they're doing. The property numbers are not random and the highest is currently

I found a description and photo (5) that was the same than on gumtree. And a lot of descriptions look copy&pasted as only estate agents come up with those glowing sentences. Could be owners trying to promote their own house.

Foxtons will gladly give you their whole database for free traffic. But given Tepilo's current size they would show up on every result page.

marc tobias


Can we also market overseas properties on TEPILO?