Monday, 15 June 2009

Asda Pods and Property Portal shuts down

Property Portal Watch posts that Homesinstore, Asda's online property venture is shutting down.

You may recall I offered readers a bottle of champagne back in July and August of last year if they could find an in store Asda pod and send me a picture (Asda's offline marketing to support the online venture). Well, I never saw a Pod and truthfully, I don't believe they ever existed. Along with claims made by Asda of 4 million visitors per month it was all hot air.

I have met those who were taken in by Asda as they were 'a large supermarket'. Monitoring their site over the months soon led one to realise that they were struggling for content. Why? A number of reasons, but surely this is evidence of the simple fact there are too many portals.

Maybe Asda can find a real estate agent prepared to buy a redundant system. They are out there, just think Spicer Haart and Tesco!


Overseas Property said...

Just keep to selling cheap food for godness sake!

Anonymous said...

They offered pod space at a cost, but the main trouble for us was that the most prominent contact detail on the pod wasn't the agent's, even if the agent had bought all space on the pod, but Asda's own hotline.

No control over where the calls go = no sale of pod space.

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