Thursday, 14 May 2009

Legal action in the property industry

The first page of a recent Negotiator magazine is devoted to legal challenges, legal gripes and as soon as I see the words '... a solicitor from pucker advice and co stated that ...' I switch off.

In times of woe, let's go to Court. Indeed, everyone is suing Foxtons (no real change there), there is a call for trademark and copyright advice to attack Property Index, HIPPS are seeking legal protection from Zoopla and where are the lawyers? Sat in the middle milking a very malnourished cow.

With all the legal action, I am feeling left out and whilst we all have the threat of post from Northampton County Court every morning, I feel like making a claim against someone. But who?

Bringing a claim against the government is just so last year so how about a claim against bankers? Maybe, but there is a queue and most of the primary witnesses will have disappeared. No, I am going after the real culprit George Bush!

So we have agents moaning at portals for trying to help them sell their properties, we have HIPPS moaning at portals for trying to stimulate markets and thus sell more properties, we have the DTI moaning at Foxtons for ripping off Landlords (and everyone else) and now we have me preparing to sue Bush.

This industry needs to desperately move away from these issues (save for suing Foxtons, which is just fun). Get over it! So what that you are listed next to a private seller, it is 1% of the total market, so what that Property Index put your property on another portal, it is called marketing and who knows it may just sell the property (bloody nerve!).

Superstar Jacqui Daley sums it up far better than I am able when she is quoted in the Negotiator as saying "... if PropertyIndex can generate new leads for us from eBay, that's great news. All this commotion about whether property focused advertising sites should be allowed to list alongside private sellers is overrated. If you are a professional agency providing a quality service, then you will remain in business, earn more money for your clients and will graciously accept leads from these companies."

Say no more!

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