Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Blogging - a profession?!

Word of Mouth Marketing reports on the Bureau of Labor Statistics announcement from the USA (hence the spelling) that the USA has almost as many paid bloggers as lawyers.

If these stats are even close to being correct it must surely beg the question, why are you not blogging yet? Not necessarily to make money, but to speak with your potential audience.

Womma suggests that by 2012, more than 145 million people—or 67% of the US Internet population—will be reading blogs at least once per month. Apply a similar principle to the UK and whilst we are a little behind, there is nevertheless a huge percentage of the Internet community reading blogs.

Don't forget, blogging is free, can bring more traffic, which means more people looking at you and your site, which equals a higher probability of a lead and thus money!

Finally, by way of inspiration, don't forget the blog that was sold for $15million after two years of trading not that long ago.

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Australian House Plans said...

I have been blogging for about two years, and there is definitely a lot of potential to have a full time career blogging. But I am doubting the numbers are as big as Bureau of labor statistics is saying.