Friday, 10 April 2009

Google streetview for real estate agents

A discussion on JRA was mooting the applicability (and value thereof) of Google Streetview to real estate agent websites.

Some of our clients had already been asking for streetview so we incorporated it and we believe the results are impressive. See for yourself:

Destinations London
1st Avenue

Indeed, as a potential punter, I think this is extremely helpful. I click on the property I like the look off and there in the space next to the map is the location view. Moreover, I can click on the surrounding streets and get a real feel for the immediate vicinity.

The feedback we are getting from the agents is that they love it and see it as a real marketing tool (not just a gimmick). This is agents embracing technology, which is great to see and needs to be encouraged. Have a look at how street view can work for agents.


Property Owl said...

NB. These are links to live properties so they may change as this post gets older.

Anonymous said...

very cool

Sell and rent back said...

I love the use of Google Street View for estate agents. Using technology to help home buyers make a more informed decision is great. It will also save time as often you decide whether you like a place as soon as you pull up outside. rental property investing

Halestorm Ltd said...

Nice work!

The only way to improve this would be to get Google to pop round again in the summer to catch the house in the sunshine... oh and when you've had a chance to tidy the front garden... and wash the car... and cut the neighbours hedge ;)