Thursday, 12 March 2009

Zoopla and Private Sellers

A rather unusual debate is stirring with questions being asked of Zoopla as to whether it is listing private sellers. I say unusual because Zoopla is denying it and responding to questions as if they were politicians, i.e. yes they have weapons of mass destruction and no I never had sex with that woman and then evade the issue.

Alex Chesterman of Zoopla states in the Negotiator that "We do not have private seller listings. We are very clear in our frequently asked questions [section] about how we don't endorse private listings and we push you [buyers] towards agents."

There is the politician 'we don't endorse'... Not endorsing is some way off actually doing and call me stupid, but I am looking now at a property that has a picture and looks as if it is listed by the owner. I can contact the owner directly and ask him if he wants to sell it, which I have done. Perhaps Zoopla can explain who this is if it is not a person?!

Chesterman goes on to say that the feature 'tempt me' which allows one to upload a property listing is not at all saying this property is for sale. No, no, Chesterman states "... it is somebody who says my property is not for sale...". Umm, err, well, ok lets go to war then!

Anyway, this is all by the by, as I don't share the same hatred of private sellers as the likes of Peter Bolton King and the NAEA.

Indeed, it is common knowledge that all the portals are geared up to accept private seller feeds, but no one big has dared mix the two together, save for Tesco who dipped their toe in the water and then ran away (incidentally whatever happened to the Spicer Haart/Tesco virtual agent??).

I will leave you with this thought. Type into google 'Zoopla private sellers', the top hit is privatehomeseller - one nil and well done to private home seller!

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