Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Propertydrum, a new magazine - great!

As the current real estate magazines get smaller, print on cheaper paper and offer near on free advertising it is somewhat surprising to receive a press release for a new all singing all dancing real estate magazine.

From the publishers of the NAEA magazine comes Propertydrum, which I am told will be '... a large, high quality printed magazine mailed directly to 15000+ experts in Residential Sales and Lettings [etc]...' (well, that is already a waste of about 4,000 copies given those who have gone out of business).

Anyway, Propertydrum aims to deliver the usual stuff, but with 100+ pages. Wow, my last copy of the Negotiator had about 5 pages and all the others seem to thinning quicker than Elton John. It claims to have articles by leading property journalists, which could be true as they didn't ask me!

The website is currently fantastic, big countdown clock and a loud beating drum worthy of a slot in Stomp. The website would appear to be aimed directly in competition with Estate Agent Today, news feeds, forum and the like.

The magazine and website will be launched on April 6.

This is bold and has balls and I like the idea of the website (so long as they embrace JRA), but a 100 page magazine every month in this current climate is surely suicide and lets hope it is published on super efficient recycled loo roll?!

Anyway, good luck to them. I am off to report them to Friends of the Earth!


Anonymous said...

Property Owl might like to ask the question: What does Propertydrum and Estate Agent Today have in common. Have a look at who might just be editing them and see if they are by any chance related?

Property Owl said...

Thanks, but maybe we are missing something here, can you spell it out for us?

Sheila Manchester said...

Keep up! Keep up! Propertydrum is in no way related to Estate Agent Today. When you see the magazine & website that will be crystal clear... just wait until Monday... We used to publish the Estate Agent etc but do not do so any more and Propertydrum is completely independent. Mr Anonymous (why do people hide their identity?) must be confused by the fact that Estate Agent Today now shares its Editor with the NAEA's Estate Agent magazine. There you have it, clarity.

Property Owl said...

Thanks - well I knew that you guys were wholly independent as you have have told me three times now :) Guessing MR or Mrs Anon didn't know this. Thanks for clearing it up!