Monday, 9 March 2009

Foxtons Hookers - Pimp up my flat

It would appear that Foxtons are hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons once again. They are being sued by a Landlord client who alleges Foxtons let her flat to a Russian prostitute.

Not great on the face of it, but it gets worse as the tenant apparently trashed the flat and only paid one month's rent for a three month stay. But, the real shocker is the allegation that Foxtons provided the reference for the Hooker.

It is the oldest profession (prostitution!) and some would argue agents are no different to Pimps in any event. Indeed, you have to admire their response to a depressed market: fill your managed properties with hookers, charge the landlord as per usual then take a large ongoing commission from the tenant. Do not chase the tenant when she doesn't pay and deny all knowledge if challenged. Move tenant and repeat, move tenant and repeat.

Maybe Foxtons have struck upon an idea, why not create a niche agency for hookers?

One for propertyporn I think! I am off to look at flats in Chelsea :)

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