Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I owe look4aproperty an apology.

Not only did I spell their new Chairman's name incorrectly, but I didn't even link to them from the Blog. Shameful on both counts, unprecedented and inexcusable (well the linking is unprecedented).

Now that they are on the radar however, we may as well have a chat about 'another' portal. So, what will make look4aproperty stand out? The Blog indicates there is more to come along with '... a series of new products to kick-start the struggling UK housing market...'.

With respect, it will take more than a portal to rejuvenate the economy, but I like the sound of new ideas. That said, if these are largely agent focused ideas I am not sure the poor old agent can cope with more 'offers' from portals.

There is a good discussion going on at JRA where the issue of the increasing number of portals is being mooted. One concurrent theme flowing from these discussions is that of analytics, measuring stats and online marketing, a theme we have banged on about for some time. Agents need to be educated in these matters and if this is where new products are coming, this would be great news.

I am expecting insipiration to come from Connect in New York and I will certainly be holding off from making any changes until I have reflected on the feedback from this great thinktank.

Good luck to all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. We can't say what our plans are but all will be revealed shortly. The new offering will help us stand out from the crowd. Take your point regarding Analytics but our position is that whilst this is useful for agent marketing it isn't sufficient to seperate the portals themselves. More news shortly.

Property Owl said...

Look forward to hearing the news. Have a look at Juicy Red Apple, network for all in the industry with some healthy debate on these issues.

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Connect too! Lucky you. Do tell all.

I agree on the metrics side of things. As I work for one of the leading portals, I would certainly like to see us (portals) band together to educate agents on numerous other online marketing topics or techniques, for example the importance of responding to emails promptly and explaining how vital certain features are for listings i.e. PHOTOS=QUALIFIED LEAD.

Agents have so much on their plates right now so it's our job to work with them and educate them. We're their online marketing advisors and can no longer simply be websites to list their stock on.

2009 will be about Customer Service, for both agents and portals.