Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Connells Group 'helps' estate agents

Shrewd, opportunistic or just plain old vultures?

The Negotiator reports on the Connells Group fee-share scheme.

Broadly translated this means Connells will relieve an agent of their stock for a share of the fee revenue if and when one of the properties is sold.

We are told that agents can expect to receive 30% of the fee revenue generated by their transferred stock, depending on property type and no doubt subject to conditions.

I would like to have a look at the terms and conditions so if Connells or anyone wants to send me a copy that would be great.

Helpful is putting a bit of a spin on it if you ask me. Helpful for Connells maybe, but for the agent it will only help to potentially pay creditors if they are closing under a cloud (and who doesn't).

I have a better proposal. If an agent is at death's door we will give them a website, a back end system, free uploads to numerous portals, no hosting costs, nothing to pay. All they need is a computer at home.

We will only take a cut for our technology when a property is sold and then at a rate that is affordable. Now that is real help, agent stays in business and can continue to market property which also helps the vendor. Indeed, we can transfer a domain name before the bailiff kicks in the door and bobs your uncle.

I need to think this through, but it is a bona fide offer and genuine help for struggling agents.

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Anonymous said...

thats a good thing that the group is helping estate agents for a successive life