Thursday, 6 November 2008

Urban Spaces - youtube marketing

I saw this from Urban Spaces on Zoomf and immediately posted it on Juicy Red Apple and here. Why? Because we should all be looking at ways to reach out to our customers past, present and future and because at last someone is having a go and because it is a bit of fun!

As a marketing exercise, the clip is now on at least three industry blogs, one community site and youtube!


Julian Meteor said...
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Anonymous said...

Please. This is childish. Urban Spaces shouldn't submit to it's Farringdon 'wannabe' location. This does nothing to increase it's credibility as an agent. It simply shows it has young individuals working for the business, keen to use YouTube.

I think estate agents can use Youtube, of course - but not like this. Think about the product, then you'll get somewhere.