Friday, 17 October 2008

Estate Agency Expo

As you may have guessed, I was at the estate agency expo yesterday (Wednesday) and I must say that the general atmosphere was at first a little hard to describe. There were very few agents present, less than half the exhibitors than last year and the exhibitors that were in attendance were primarily technology companies. The mood reminded me of a street market just before closing time.

One would also consider it reasonable to assume that there would be wireless access in what is primarily a tech expo. Nope, not one wireless point provided by anyone within the expo. After 30 minutes of talking to people without a clue, the nice people at the business design centre (the host building) explained they had one in the cafe, but it didn't work with Macs!

And who says the property industry is light years behind in technology!


Anonymous said...

No wireless?! Why am I not surprised:)))

Anonymous said...

Bit harsh that though, given that they'd dropped all the commercial suppliers to keep it more focussed.

That said, there was tumbleweeds on most stands

Anonymous said...

We were also there and agree there were certainly less people there than in previous years. However, the people we did speak to were keen to be there and very interested and the leads we got were of a high quality. Read our full comments on our blog.

Property Owl said...

Thanks Earthware. We too have been looking at the photosynth possibilities and if you want to send me more information on how you see it being applied within the property industry I would be happy to post on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Am I misunderstanding this.... you expected the exhibitors at this show to provide wireless access to you?

For what reason?

Property Owl said...

I expected there to be some wireless access at what was predominantly a tech expo. Is that too unreasonable?

My comments were aimed more at the organisers than individual stands.