Friday, 3 October 2008

Credit crunch, house price crash, world banking calamity - what is left?

1000watt ask what is left after the carnage of a housing crash and brilliantly identify that what comes next is 'love'. I have long spouted about feeling the love for your customers and your website and it is not some hippy marketing concept, it is a real issue we all need to get our head around.

I have previously spoken of opportunity arising from crisis and change and it is this that 1000watt pick up on, namely '... the love will bring about an industry that’s transparent. True. Simple. Real. Honest. Social. And smaller...'

I cannot do the post justice by regurgitating it so please go and read it, understand what it is saying and change the way you practice. Engage your customers, treat them like human beings, stop calling them applicants, vendors, house numbers, be personal, or in other words show them some love.

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