Tuesday, 16 September 2008

New Poll - top ten UK industry Blogs

Continuing the theme of Blogs, we thought we would run a poll and ask you what were your favourite Blogs.

We have limited it to the UK for reasons of space if nothing else. Indeed, there are some leading Blogs in the USA that we all follow closely, but we had to try and limit the field. We are also aware of other UK Blogs so apologies if you haven't made it onto the voting platform. Please let us know if you feel you should be there.

Anyway, results will be published in all the normal press. Good luck to all.

Would you believe it! Property Owl appears to have 100% of the vote currently :)


Anonymous said...

Last I checked you couldn't subscribe (RSS,Atom) to Globrix's "news" section. Via email is possible. If I can't add it to my news-reader it's not a blog ;)

Why isn't the poll a multiple-choice? I read more than one...


Property Owl said...

Thanks. We decided on just one entry with a view to trying to find the most popular. We read all the blogs, each having their own strengths and without having a fully blown indepth analysis, award points for various categories (which would be great, but time consuming and not really a poll) we thought it easier just to pick one.