Wednesday, 24 September 2008

EPCs for Landlords - Energy Performance Certifcates coming on 1 October 2008

Given the resounding success of HIPs the government has forged ahead with plans to introduce EPCs for Landlords and the deadline for compliance by Landlords to have an EPC in place looms on 1 October 2008.

Chapter and verse on EPCs can be found at Directgov and there are a number of issues for having one/not having one and they only apply to new tenancies after 1 October 2008, but it is likely that the only real question is what happens if I don't bother getting one?!

Well, apparently the legislation states (I did start to read it....) that if you do not have an EPC you could be reported to the Local Trading Standards and even the Office of Fair Trading. These authorities have been given a range of powers including loss of the right to operate (whatever that means in this context) and a fine up to £5,000.

If HIPs (as voted by you) for residential sales are a waste of time, then I doubt EPCs for landlords will even get as far as becoming a waste of time.


Tessa Shepperson said...

The enforcing officers (who are Trading Standards Officers) can also a serve penalty charge notice, which carries a fine of £200.

Property Owl said...

Thanks Tessa. I believe that is £200 per offence/breach? Presumably up to a maximum? But honestly, do we believe these officers will be pounding the pavement searching for non compliant Landlords? I doubt it and I suspect that this burden has probaby been added to current Officers already over stretched workload.

Anonymous said...

Even letting agents are in the dark - and often incorrect in their advice on this matter.

I believe that Trading Standards will allow a 6 month period for a landlord to comply and then fine if no EPC is in place. Once fined, you still have to commission an EPC.

In the fullness of time - EPCs will become a standard item - but it will take some time to work in this new legislation that covers the whole of the EU.