Sunday, 24 August 2008

Lousia Fletcher tips on Globrix

Lousia Fletcher sends me an email and posts on her Globrix page her top tips to sell your property. These are all hugely common sense and have been said a thousand times, but we all know how some clients will not do half of what is mentioned so I guess it is worth Louisa regurgitating.

That said, we think Louisa should really be telling punters what they should be asking agents and what they should be checking agents are doing. Louisa says 'trust your agent to present your house'. Well, yes it is their job, but as a punter you need to ensure your agent is doing all they can. So here is a more helpful list. By all means clean the cooker and bake fresh bread but these are no use if your property doesn't look inviting enough from the outset.

What is the outset? 90% of the house buying public begin their search for property online, so your property has to look good online FIRST!

Make sure your agent has undertaken the following and if not do it yourself:

- taken as many high quality pics as possible. That means more than 5! And high quality means from a good camera using the basic principles of photography. Take pics of every room, the street, the views, the neighbours!

- take a video tour. Do your own and make sure the agent uploads it to their site and any others he can feed it to. Some agents are already producing podcasts.

- a blog for your property. You will probably have to do this as agents are not yet catching on. Provide information you think would be helpful if you were looking, i.e. What is the local area like. Blogs are easy to create and free!

- check the description. Be honest!!! Don't let the agent BS the particulars, it doesn't work! Make sure the agent writes more than a sentence.

- ensure your agent is uploading your property to all the portals possible. Remember that the agent has to pay for some of these so check to see which ones they subscribe to. There are many free ones so no excuse for not showing off your property through many channels.

- why doesn't your agent's website have recently instructed properties on the home page? You want to be in this space when first instructed, not buried in the listings.

If your agent is doing most of the above, the chances are that they are good enough to then convert a looker into a booker. Providing would be buyers with as much useful information as possible is the future and the old school mentality of just covering up the cracks should be avoided.

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