Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Buyers need information - Agents need to tell the truth

1000watt have an excellent post that emphasises the point of agents being open and not hiding information. It comes down to asking whether 'you' would want this information before buying a house and the answer is always going to be yes. Hiding information from buyers is akin to a second hand car salesman not mentioning that the car is in fact two crashed cars glued together.

1000watt make the point that the Internet can provide a plethora of information that is useful when buying a house, but it is even easier than that. Simply taking 50+ pictures of all rooms (not just the one the agent thinks looks nice) is easy. Take pictures of outside space, local amenities, anything that may be of interest. I may visit a property because I have seen a picture of a lovely little deli in the village, or it is explained to me that the house is next door to a football stadium, I may love football or may hate it. Either way, I want to know.

I have been banging on about a blog for every property for some time and this is a perfect example of where agents can easily make a difference.

In this current climate, you need to stand out, so stand out for telling the truth and providing information that the buyer actually needs.

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