Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Action today, innovation tomorrow

The government released a paper in July to address the housing market decline and provided it with a punchy title, action today innovation tomorrow.

There is no explanation within the introductory text as to what this means. Innovation tomorrow, what innovation, there is no mention of innovation anywhere in the document. Perhaps as it will be tomorrow they did not feel the need to mention it. Can there be any worse example of the misuse of the word 'innovate'. Oh well, so what action can we expect to see?

Ummmmmm, well, yes, sifting through the waffle it would appear to conclude that the answer lies in building more houses and then offer schemes for the growing armies of lazy non workers (a norker - a new term to go viral) so they can afford nice apartments on the riverside. Brilliant!!

If the government's objective was to drive house prices down so we can all afford them then they are on the way to achieving the first part of that objective, but I suspect the current climate wasn't quite what the they had in mind.

As always this document is just another waste of tax payers money, typical government hype and a smokescreen to avoid the real issues, such as Stamp Duty!

I eagerly await the innovation report...... tomorrow.

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