Monday, 16 June 2008

Virtual agents

And so it begins.

We have been saying for some time now that the days of the high street agent are changing. Spicer Haart and Tescos have still yet to announce what they are up to with their 'virtual' offering, but Your Move have actually made the first bold step.

Reported in the Negotiator this month (also not online yet!) Your Move have shut a Bristol office, kept the staff who now work from home and use their website as the primary selling vehicle. Although their MD is quoted as saying this virtual model complements rather than replaces the existing branch based model, I think we all know exactly what this means. It is akin to the chairman saying the football manager has the board's complete support. In other words, expect to see many more Your Move closures.

Just remember, you heard it hear first many moons ago!

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