Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Rightmove choice

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would revisit the rightmove £30 million offer to agents, published in the April edition of the EAT. So here goes:

Rightmove state that participating members of the Flexible Membership Offer will receive a minimum of £2,400 per annum in ‘added value’. The Agent has to purchase this however at £200 per month (per branch!!!).

It is a little tricky to understand what is on offer with statements such as: signing up to the scheme will ‘… potentially increase agents’ ability to cost-effectively attract the right instruction at the right price.’ What ??!! and what does ‘potentially’ indicate?!

So what is ‘added value’? It would appear this offer is all about online advertising (on the rightmove site), namely rightmove will give you your property feed for your subscription and then it will match your subscription rate with … more adverts on their site? I maybe missing the point, but it strikes me that this is not really a substantive offer (especially a grand £30million give away!). It is basically giving away sponsored listing on their site. Their CPM must be high for £30million!

As I say, I may be missing the point so if anyone can explain this deal in a little more detail and whether it has any value it would be helpful.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this up. I've read it in the Estate Agent Times (paper).
Great if you give people a non-material gift and you set the value yourself! In the past I thought twice about signing up to newsletter that are free but have a 30$ value in form of gift certificated. 30$ split into 10 stores, at each you have to spend at leat 50$.
So far I see Rightmoves' move as pure marketing with little to loose (little additonal cost).