Friday, 9 May 2008

The merge

Following the recent Property Owl post regarding findaproperty and primelocation, our peers at rightmovez have also now heard the rumour that findaproperty and primelocation are going to merge.

They ask who will rise as the phoenix? A good question, but I imagine they will both run side by side initially and offer agents the two for one sales pitch. The interesting point is how long a company can run two brands displaying identical content. The same applies to propertyfinder and hotproperty.

Whilst each have their own loyal users and have different characteristics new users to the market will quickly spot the identical content and may just be put off by both sites. I would just use one and scrap the other. A tough call with two strong brands, but times are changing and one has to evolve and be bold to survive.

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Anonymous said...

Since the 'about' page doesn't tell: dothomes is behind that site. Registered to "John Smith" ... right.
In the past the "neutral" reviews included Extate, which, surprise, won. So I'd take every review with caution, the news section seem fine.