Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sick or not – foreclosure tours

Two recent posts, one from 1000 watt and one from FOREM (have a look at the video) indicate the level to which some real estate agents have gone in an attempt to sell properties.

This doesn't bode well as here I am prophesying a less high street dependent, more online, small agency model in the UK and a more internationally similar model, but if this is the future then do we want it? Indeed, I can imagine some UK agents wouldn’t last too long touting on certain London streets.

The market is not good here, but I have not seen any desperate measures such as highlighted in these blogs. On the contrary, we are seeing more agents looking at the technology and seeing how they can improve and promote their properties through new media (sorry, I don't really like this term). Perhaps this is our equivalent and is a significant move, i.e. away from the high street and online.

Anyway, I am trying to upload this topic to Squidoo and the monkey brain fight which is an excellent fun tool from the Seth Godin stable. If you feel passionate enough about this or any other subject go and sound off and have a fight if you dare.

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