Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Google trends - national search terms

A very brief post on the use of google trends.

We were looking at house search terms and I was just playing around with comparisons. I typed a comparison of house for sale and home for sale and noted that the first result produced by google trends showed a strong result for home for sale, well above house for sale.

But drilling down to country level, i.e. UK, revealed that house for sale outstripped home for sale. Whilst not definitive I thought I would try a few obvious ones to test the system, so I tried apartment for sale and flat for sale and yes more people in the UK search for flat (understandably). I then got carried away and I shall not bore you further, but you get the point.

I am not sure as to the reliability of the next level drill downs, i.e. county, area etc as I was producing some strange results for areas of the UK.

Anyway, the house/home comparison does appear logical and has prompted me to explore with this tool in a little more detail. After all, we are all trying to understand what people search for when buying homes, opps houses!

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