Monday, 24 March 2008

Foxtons Minis

Forget hunting for Easter eggs, there is more fun to be had hunting for a Foxtons mini. I understand they have all been recalled for new paint jobs and are disappearing from our streets quicker than a stock broker's bank balance.

The Foxton mini has also been removed from the website and no doubt this is the beginning of a rebranding exercise.

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope they are dis-appearing! There's a fleet of them parked all over West London in their Chiswick offices and around their branches clogging up the streets. I can't think of a more environmentally un-friendly means of viewing properties. All these estate agents driving 1 person at a time to the same property. Why don't they just organise block viewings like the property auctions do? Agents and tenants should consider a property viewing only if the tenant/buyer is very serious. i.e. have they produced documentation first. too many agents are only too willing to show property first in the hope that on seeing it the person will buy. The number of times I've heard a tenant say an Agent took them to a totally unsuitable property is amazing. Or the usual trick of showing you something so bad first that the second property they then show you you think is amazing and you'll then sign up etc.... unethical as well as environmentally unfriendly!